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Moving Tips for Families

Moving can be such a pain! All that packing to do just so you can unpack it all over! But, if you do it right, you can ease the hassle and make the transition smoother.

I’m Liza Wilson, trusted real estate advisor to my clients, and I specialize in helping families in the Ottawa area upsize their homes. I’ve had a lot of experience with moving and these are 7 tips to help your family move with less stress!

  1. Hire movers: you want to have the assistance of a great moving company that has all the equipment you need to move things easily. Ask for referrals from family and friends so you are in good hands. Or, feel free to reach out to me to ask for suggestions.

  2. Colour code your boxes: this will make it easier for the movers to identify where boxes go on move-in day. In addition, it will allow the kids to help out with the packing and labeling. For example, make a purple mark on the boxes that need to go in the office and a green mark for Sarah’s room, etc.

  3. Pack each family member a suitcase: this suitcase would contain a few outfits along with the necessary kids items (the VIP stuffed animal) and some essential items so that you don't have to go searching around when you actually move into the house. This will provide you a few days time to relax and begin to unpack.

  4. Start packing well in advance: Give yourself lots of time to avoid the rush and the stress that that moving can bring on if you do wait to the last minute.

  5. Allow a period of time between moves: avoid a same day move if you can. Sometimes closing days can get delayed and if you have a same day move, you may not have a place to move to if it did get delayed by a day or two. Providing yourself about one week’s time is best to have a better transition.

  6. Hire a move out cleaner: moving is exhausting and the last thing you're going to want to do is a really deep clean for the new owners before they take over the home. Hire someone to do a move out clean and gain your energy and time!

  7. Hide boxes in one room: in each room, put 3-4 boxes and begin unpacking that way. Find a room in the house (such as the basement storage room) and put the rest of the boxes in there. When you are ready, you can go and get another box. It ensures your house looks less chaotic with endless boxes everywhere and also means you can unpack at your own pace without having to stare at the boxes all the time.

I hope these seven tips will help your family in the next move and remember, if you're looking for referrals on moving companies or cleaners, reach out to me and I'd be happy to provide that.

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