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Best Repairs for Return When Selling Your Home

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

Is your home in need of some updates before you go to sell but you're unsure of which upgrades to do and don't want to waste money unnecessarily? Let's get you the most money in your pocket by discussing the top eight best repairs for return when selling your home. I'm Liza Wilson, trusted real estate agent, and I've been helping families buy, sell, or invest in the Ottawa real estate market for over 10 years.

  1. Front door and Porch: this is your first impression to potential buyers so you really want to make it is neat and nice. Repainting your front door, changing the door handle, or replacing the mailbox are a few ideas to improve this area. If you have the space, add a little bistro set with some decorative plants.

  2. Kitchens and Bathrooms: Pay extra attention to these rooms because these are the rooms we tend to spend the most time in. To refresh these spaces consider: painting cabinets, replacing the hardware to modernize the look, or changing countertops to Granite or Quartz or Corian. In bathrooms, replacing the mirrors, changing out a vanity and the faucets/shower heads can have a dramatic impact and create a fresh look.

  3. Flooring: Upgrading to hardwood flooring, especially on the main level of the home, is likely the best choice because it often makes spaces appear larger. If you need a more economical approach, there are many luxury laminate options that provide a similar look without the cost. In addition, replacing the carpets will also give the home a refreshed feeling.

  4. Window Treatments: Updating window treatments can instantly improve the look in a home providing more light and a sleek design.

  5. Update Light Fixtures: Choose neutral modern fixtures to give the buyer a sense of a custom home. Avoid basic options in this area.

  6. Paint: Go neutral where needed! Refrain from bright or intense colors because we can always add color with accessories. Paint can be one of the MOST impactful changes in a home and yet very inexpensive to do.

  7. Exterior Appearance and Landscaping: Remember that the exterior of a home is the extension of the living space. Show buyers the enjoyments they can have by creating welcoming spaces outdoors. Trimming the bushes, clearing the walkway, removing weeds, adding some flowers for color and creating a designated lounging space will attract buyers to the home.

  8. Storage Solution: Think clear and free from clutter! Many times if a home is filled with stuff, buyers have a difficult time envisioning themselves and their own belongings in the house. Therefore, one of my most important suggestions is to consider a storage solution for all those items you may need to keep however, don’t need to display while selling your home. Your goal is to make your home look like a model home and feel spacious.

Now that you know what repairs are going to maximize return in your home-have you thought about how your home smells? Watch for my next blog (or if you prefer the video version) on what scents buyers LOVE and HATE to make sure your home doesn't turn buyers away. If you're looking for specific feedback on the best repairs to do in your home, contact me (Liza Wilson) to have me visit your house and provide my personal suggestions so that you are not wasting money on the unnecessary.

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