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Five Tips to get the Kids Excited About Moving

Has your family grown in the last few years and your house is too small for comfort? It's time to make a move but, you worry about telling the kids?

If your family is anything like mine and I bring up the idea of moving to my kids, they go into complete meltdown mode. Learn about my top five tips to get the kids excited about moving. It all starts with getting them involved!

I'm Liza Wilson, a trusted real estate advisor to my clients, and I specialize in helping families upsize their homes in the Ottawa area. As a mom myself, I know moving is a big change for a family. The kids may worry about making new friends or changing schools and leaving behind the home they know. However, change can be good! Here are a few of my favourite tricks to make the process easier for the whole family.

  1. Ask the kids three things they would change about their current home. This will get them to start thinking about what they might want in a new space and maybe even give you some ideas as well.

  2. Find the best parks in the new neighborhood of choice because that will get the kids interested in that area.

  3. Check out the schools in the area and look into the extracurricular activities and even some clubs that might be available and of interest to your children.

  4. Let them begin designing their new room. One way to start is to choose a new paint colour (maybe even 2 colours to have an accent wall) and expand from there. Everyone wants a cool room!

  5. Find the best sweet treat places! Kids will get excited to return over and over again to their new yummy treat stores! Do a little research with the kids and go explore! You can even do a dessert crawl!

These tips are sure to help your kids get excited about moving and make the process a little easier for you as the parents. If you're a family looking to upsize your home, watch for my next video on the Six Tips to Selling Your Home When You Have Children. If Ottawa is new to your family and you are curious about great family neighbourhoods, reach out to me and I can send you a list of top family friendly neighbourhoods.

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