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10 Reasons to Love Barrhaven

As a Barrhaven resident for the past decade, I can tell you it is a great place to raise a family for many reasons. Located in the southwest part of Ottawa, there’s a mix of new and older neighbourhoods along with businesses to suit all your needs.

I personally enjoy the access to amenities within walking distance and the ability to be active in nature. For my children, they like the abundance of parks and family friendly activities. Barrhaven also has many schools to allow families the choice of Catholic, public, private, French public or French Catholic school systems.

Here are 10 reasons to LOVE Barrhaven:

1. Access to Nature: The Ottawa river and the Jock River are within a short distance to enjoy activities on the water. One of my personal favourites is to grab my stand-up paddle board and head for a relaxing time on the Ottawa River via Chapman Mills Conservation area.

Stonebridge Trail is a beautiful trail next to the Jock River to enjoy a walk or bike ride.. It is shaded with trees for much of the trail. If you have furry friends, it is a great place to take a long walk. Chapman Mills Conservation Area is another lovely trail to enjoy a walk or a picnic next to the water on the dock. It is located just off Prince of Wales near the Vimy bridge.

2. Access to over 550 different Businesses: Barrhaven features many businesses that will be sure to satisfy your every need. Whether you need to shop for clothing, books, furniture, plants, sports equipment, you can be sure a business is here in Barrhaven to find what you want. If you are looking for services such as massage therapists, spas, car detailing and repairs, financial institutions and more, Barrhaven is sure to have what you need. Children can participate in extracurricular activities like the dance school, Selena’s or take martial arts classes. In addition, there are drop in clinics and medical offices. Farm Boy, Loblaws, Costco, Independent, FreshCo are only some of the grocery stores you can find in the area so you can choose where you like to shop.

Looking to relax? Carmelito Cafe located in Longfields Square area of Barrhaven has sweet treats and eats to satisfy everyone. Their blueberry lemon cheesecake is a must try!

3. Plenty of Parks: There are so many parks to entertain a family in Barrhaven. One of my family’s favourite parks is located in the Chapman Mills part of Barrhaven and it is called Dragon Park. There is a play structure, swing set, splash pad, field for soccer and a small hill for tobogganing in the winter.

Another park worth checking out is W.C. Levesque Park which leads into Stonebridge Trail. The park has a play structure, soccer fields, and a gazebo for a covered shade area.

4. Abundance of Schools: Barrhaven is home to many schools to suit your needs within close proximity. You can find the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board and Ottawa-Catholic School Board which will have access to French Immersion programs for your children. Are you moving into the area and wondering what school is your child’s home school? Use the school board’s website school locator and type in your address to find out.

The French public school board and French Catholic school board also have schools located in Barrhaven.

In addition, there are private schools in the area.

5. Newer and Older style homes: The beauty of Barrhaven is that there are home types to match everyone. If you prefer newer homes, you are certain to have your choice of brand new modern homes or condos. Builders such as Minto, Mattamy, Caivan, Claridge, Richcraft, Tartan, Glenview, and more have built communities in Barrhaven.

If you like larger lots with mature trees, you are more likely to prefer the homes in the neighbourhoods of Old Barrhaven or Hearts Desire. In those areas, you will find older homes on generous lots often with mature trees

6. Community Growth: Barrhaven is continuing to expand. More communities are being developed by builders and that also means more parks, schools, businesses and road expansion. When a neighbourhood is growing, the average price for a home continues to grow. The more services and developed an area becomes, the more attractive it is to a potential buyer and that demand increases the value in the area.

7. Access to transit, trains and the 416 Highway: OC Transpo has major bus stations that include park and ride stations. These allow you to park your vehicle and head onto a bus to get where you need to be such as downtown Ottawa.

Via Rail has Fallowfield Station located in Barrhaven. If you are looking to get away for a weekend, perhaps to Toronto, the train is a very comfortable and easy way to travel.

Highway 416 can be accessed at the end of Barrhaven towards Fallowfield and Strandherd road where the Costco plaza is located.

8. Family Activities: The neighbourhood demographic is mainly families and there are no shortage of activities aimed to please this demographic. For example, there are fairs that come to Clarke Fields in Barrhaven often around major holidays such as Canada Day. Rides, games and food trucks are set up and provide a few days of entertainment.

The annual Santa Parade is a big attraction that drives down Strandherd road in November/December. Bring your chair, a blanket and your hot chocolate to enjoy the floats.

9. Calm: Barrhaven is geared towards families and for that reason it is certainly a calm community at night. It isn’t busy like a more central area of Ottawa would be for traffic, noise and activity in general.

10. FOOD: Barrhaven is home to many people from various backgrounds and for that reason you can be certain to find delicious food of all types. In more rural areas near Ottawa, you may not have this luxury. Enjoy indulging in all the tasty food our community has to offer. Many of the best businesses here are family owned and operated. A few of my family’s favourite places to eat include: Khoka (a Pakistani restaurant with delicious food), Barrhaven Vietnamese Restaurant (love the Vermicelli), and Nasa Foods (scrumptious rich Channa and crispy Prata). Penelopi's is a fancier Greek restaurant that is a must try as well!

The food scene offers a variety of choices to satisfy everyone!

Have real estate questions? Reach out to me directly-I am happy to help.

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